The anti- drug division staffs up to drug-trafficking in Sugd region arrested three young citizens, and one of them was the student of KSU by academician name B. Gafurov.

The information was given by above-named agency to “SN” reporter.

According to the source, on 22nd May, current year, during the efficient event was arrested the 22 years old S.D, who is the citizen of Khujand. He had 28, 5 gram narcotic kind of “gashish” in his pocket.

In the course of investigation come out that the man who was arrested received the drug from 20 years old local citizen, K.M, who also was the KSU student of programming department. He paid for this drug 1000 somoni.  The student who sold this drug to another student also received it from another 21 years old local citizen, B.K, and paid him 1000 as well.

According to this fact began criminal proceeding under the 200 section of criminal code RT and the investigation is on the process.

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