The Khujand children’s camp “Parvoz”, which is situated in the territory of Bobojon Gafurov,Sugd region, will be opened after its general overhaul.

For reconstruction and renovation of children’s camp “Parvoz” was separated 700 thousand somoni from local budget.

According to press-service leader Ma’mura Usufzoda, at the present time many parts of the renovation are done.  The overhauled territory includes 500 square metre of pedestrian way and main pass way, swimming pool, and dining room.  The illuminating devices are set up as well.

“The children’s camp “Parvoz” situated in Bobojon Gafurov region at about 5,6 hectare land. There is a four-storey, building where children live and have a rest. Moreover, there are swimming pool, amphitheater, bathhouse, medical center, library, and other places in the camp. One group can consist of 200 people. It means that 200 pupil can have a rest together” as said the press center’s leader.

According to him, the camp is going to be opened at the fist decade of June. At the moment 50 builders are working in this construction.

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