This summer of the current year, the first city stage of the competition “Furugi Subhi Donoi …” was held in Khujand. The age of the contestants ranged from 7 to 70 years. Based on the results of all participants’ presentations, the jury unanimously chose the winner. The winner became the ten-year-old pupil, Laylo Kuzibaeva. Maruf Muhammadzoda, the mayor of Khujand town handed the diploma of the winner and a monetary reward of 2,000 somoni to the young winner.

Laylo is in the 4th grade pupil of secondary school # 8 in Khujand town. One of her favorite activities is reading Russian and Tajik literature and drawing. As well she started to compose fairy tales and stories for children. She created the illustrations for her first tales “The Prince and the Wicked Witch” and “The Good Old Man” by herself.

“When I read, my imagination is played out so much that I always want to add or change something,” the young writer says. – Once again, when I analyzed the story that I have red, I loved the main character. Then I sat down and began to print my own version, adding my story and characters with similar characters and actions. This is how my first tales appeared.

The girl’s talent was not disregarded. Relatives and her class teacher support her in all her endeavors.

“Laylo has a wonderful and mixed memory with a predominance of visual and auditory,” says her class teacher Gulfiza Sadykova. – She has a competent speech, has an ability to express her thoughts clearly, clearly and is accessible to all listeners. She loves to read and with great pleasure expresses her point of view about the book, she is ready to argue about the actions of the heroes, defend her opinion proving it with examples and quotes from the text. At the end of his own tales, Laylo writes the conclusion and morality.

The little writer’s love of reading came from family and school. The girl’s mother often brings books from the library that they read and discuss together

“By participating in the USAID “Hamroh Bikhonem” project (Reading Together), which helps to improve the reading environment, I began to conduct this practice in my class,” says Gulfiza Sadykova. – Children began to learn how to analyze the books which they read, which heroes are positive and which are negative, and started to learn how to write the conclusions. At the end of each week, we held the discussion lessons for readings. Thus, the children gradually fell in love with reading books. In addition to Laylo, we have many talented children, but she is the best, which proves her victory in the first selection of the competition.

The girl’s favorite poet is Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin, whose poems and tales inspire her. In the future, Laylo wants to become a teacher and poet.

Ahead is the second regional stage of the competition, which will be held in October this year. In case of victory, Lailo will go to Dushanbe to participate in the republican tour.

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