In Dushanbe was given presentation about “Preferring multimedia version of receiving new, such as: TV, radio typographic issues, sites and special messengers’ site from population side”

The performers of this project, financed by US Embassy in Tajikistan, were socials organizations “Media Consulting”, Sociological Sturdy Center “Zerkalo”, and the Department for Culture of Tajik Republic.

The aim of the investigation was to clarify the requirement of population in media, which way of news receiving they prefer, what they want watch, what they want to listen to, and what they want to read.

“This sturdy is the second phase of project,-announced the director of “Media Consulting” Nabi Usupov. –this year we already conducted such investigation which was presented in April 2018. In the new study we just not known the rate of preference but as well we could compare the information of this year with another and how the situation was changed. The investigation does not include traditional CMI only, but also the new method of receiving information as internet, social sites, and massages”.

Moreover, Nabi Usupov added that today because of new technology, exists new tendency all over the globe which are not explored yet. Therefore part of this investigation conducts the transformation of Tajik population to new technology and its media literacy stage.

“The study showed the transformation steady of Tajik population to internet,- continued the director of Social Study Center “Zerkalo” Qahramon Baqozoda. – The rate of internet users is increasing in our regions, even not with high score like in other countries. ”

First of all it has connection with infiltration of internet in to our country because of its cost. However, the main problem we see on economy diversification, limitation and traditional way of getting profits fro internet. We can expect that youth use internet more, however, most of them use it for entertainment.   At the moment we are observing the process of transformation in CMI area. I think that the massagers’ potential as CMI will not be discovered. This will give us an opportunity for improvement”.

The survey result gives the answers for important questions, shows where is necessary to move and what perspectives will be opened for new medias.

The survey was conducted by the finance support of the US Embassy in Tajikistan. More than 2,5 thousand respondent from all republic participated in this survey.

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