During the steam, happened in Panjakent, Sugd region on 4 June 2019 year died two brothers. After tree days the second body was found out.

With the help of region citizens was found out the body of 38 years old man, Sunnatullo Rahmonov. This natural disaster happened on 4 June in the afternoon. Mainly the Ruzi Obnoki village, Yori jamaat, Panjakent’s town was demolished. In consequence of the accident one house was demolished fully. The victims were the brothers Rahmonovs.  Ruzimurod Rahmonov who was 55 years old was found at that day, however, his brother was found after tree days in the place named by Dupula of Yori’s jamaat Panjakent town.

According to Panjakent’s town Chief of Staff, Parviz Amonov, in Central Hospital were hospitalized 5 injuries. How reports the local reporters, in the field of accident arrived the chairman of the town Islom Ziyozoda. In the same place was made headquarter for eliminating the consequence of flood.

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