During the torrent rains on 2nd June 2019 in Kanibadam’s jamaats, many households suffered a lot.

The “SN” earlier announced about the caused damage on consequence of torrent rains.

On 3rd January 2019 Kanibadam’s press service chairman listed the name of the household who get the damage. According to emergency appointment’s staffs and civil defense of Kanibadam town, in jamaats Gafurjana Ortiqova and Pulodon get the damage more than ten households.  Due to the survey, at that time many houses were destroyed.  Domestic animals and transportation facilities of citizens’ were also demolished by the rain’s water.

“As the labor committee estimates the situation, during the torrent rain in Gafurjona Ortiqova jamaat  32 houses were destroyed and 9 of them destroyed totally”. At about 50 head of cattle and large territory of Firuzoba’s grave was demolished as well in this evidence. In Bobokalonova Street also were damaged 50 dwellings. Fortunately there were no any human victims”, – reports press service.

Sugd region’s administration of executive powers became familiar with the situation and the damaged territory. The region’s chairman Rajaboy Ahmadzoda made responsible special people for eliminating the consequences of the catastrophe and help the citizens. Meanwhile, due to press service report there 55 houses were destroyed inside which 31 were totally demolished. At the moment for elimination the consequences of this catastrophe are working 250 soldiers.

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